I have been attending Pilates classes with Eilish for 5 years. Originally I suffered from a back injury and Eilish  was recommended to me. Since then I have had no issues with my back and have made a full recovery.

I cycle a lot and the classes have made a huge difference to my performance on the bike. My flexibility and core strength have improved consistently over time and I would not be as fit physically without these classes.

The great thing about Pilates is that you make small strides in each class and these add up over time and the transformation is amazing.

Eilish puts a huge amount of work into preparing each class and no two classes are the same.

Her passion, commitment and enthusiasm set her apart, and her attention to detail never ceases to amaze me.






“I have been attending Eilish’s Classes the last three years and I love them. Each week there is a new pilates move which makes the class more varied. When I first started my neck was tight and I couldn’t stretch my hands to my toes,due to my scoliosis. Eilish’s classes have helped me feel looser around my neck area as well as help me stretch closer to my toes due to more flexibility on my lower back.
I honestly couldn’t imagine myself attending another Pilatees Teacher. Eilish is a true expert in the field of Physio and Pilates.”


I have been doing Pilates with Eilish for the past six years and I just love her classes. Her love/ passion for Pilates is so evident in each class as she strives to make each class different, so never gets monotonous or boring. Eilish is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and professional in her approach, gives the rationale for each exercise being undertaken and gives clear instruction on how far to go with progressing each exercise. I always leave her classes with a feel-good feeling.


I find these classes really beneficial for lower back pain and general shoulder and upper back tension. The classes are varied so you don’t get bored and Eilish explains how particular exercises affect different muscles which I find really interesting. The exercises are graded so you can work at a level that suits you. The zoom classes etc can be watched again so great value for money. Eilish was great for keeping everything going during lockdown with online classes, starting off with youtube videos and then zoom and Facebook. Eilish is very professional but also somehow manages to be very patient and cheerful!

Irene O’Brien

I have been doing Pilates with Eilish for the last 4 yrs. After years of having a sore back I started pilates with Eilish and haven’t looked back since. It has made a huge difference to the quality of my life. No Pain! If I ever do have a problem Eilish gives me specific exercises for that area and that sorts me out. I find Eilish very personable and extremely professional at all times. I personally have benefited hugely from her classes and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Larissa Kingston

I find Eilish’s Pilates classes wonderful. They are low impact and hugely beneficial with improving movement, mobility and flexibility. They are suitable for all levels, young and old and no previous knowledge or experience is needed. She guides you through each exercise in detail and you can go at your own pace as she explains what you should and shouldn’t feel. She is such a lovely person and is so knowledgable in her field that you know you are in capable hands. The proof is in the pudding as flexibility improves over the weeks. I’ve never looked back and highly recommend her.


“ I’ve been taking Pilates classes with Eilish for years and no two classes are alike. I love the variety and challenge of each new class and how inclusive it is, regardless of your fitness level, age or ability. ”